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The project “Ghost Nets – Trap or Habitat” carried out by Scientific Diving Association NGO and Terra-Mare Excavation and Research is funded by Bingo! Umweltlotterie and Holtenauer Verlag.

Our Goal:

  1. We are planning for the year 2015 to investigate into one aspect og so-called ghostfishing. A number of wrecks and other positions of interest shall be surveyed and dived in over 20 boat trips. Discovered fishing nets and fishing gear shall not be removed but assessed to see whether they mean any immediate danger for the environment. After some time nets can present a habitat for plants and animals and so be useful under some conditions.
  2. We are setting up a sustainable internet database and reporting system for sports divers. Also, fishermen can report the loss of their fishing equipment in order to quickly reassign expensive nets to their owners.

We are looking for:

  • You are research or sports diver and can imagine helping out with this project? We are offering opportunities to dive on known wreck sites and other points of interest. Observed nets and their surrounding will be documented without removing them at this stage.
  • You are scientist or student and looking for a dissertation topic? If you can imagine to do research on that issue contact us.
  • You are professional fisherman, sport angler or seaman? We need your experience! In conjunction with the maritime industry we are trying to establish a co-operative reporting system that might benefit all: the environment and the industry.
  • You are just interested in our project and can conceive to support us? Please send an email!